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Road Safety Message

It's a fact that all travel can be inherently risky and even extremely dangerous. In any country, travellers can be exposed to many dangers, often without knowing they are at risk.

For example crossing the road in a country where the traffic travels on the opposite side of the road compared to your home, can be very dangerous. Statistics show that one of the the greatest causes of accidents to travellers is crossing the road in a foreign country.

In our home town, we develop our automatic habits and we habitually always look the same way for oncoming traffic when we cross a busy road, because we expect the traffic to be coming from that direction.

In a foreign country, where speeding traffic can be approaching from the opposite direction, the safety habits you rely on at home, can cause you look the wrong way when you step onto the road. For safety, you must look both ways before crossing the road, and it may be a good idea to start practising this method at home before you start your trip

We suggest that all travellers discuss this danger with their travelling companions before the trip, so each can remind the others to look both ways before crossing.

Its especially dangerous when people cross in a group, because it is easy to be distracted by conversation, and rely on the others to check for traffic.

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What we do

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Who are you buying from?

Accommodation and travel products displayed on our website are sold to you by the hotels, airlines and travel agents who have put together and supply these packages and offers. Your buyer and seller contract is between yourself and the end supplier of the travel product you purchase. We have no role in providing the content of any offers you might find on our site.

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The Suppliers

All the travel information and rates displayed on our website are provided by the hotels and travel suppliers themselves, directly from their reservations desks and updated on a daily basis.

This is how we can guarantee you the freshest information and best rates updated daily.

How to Book

Click on The "City?" button and type the name of your destination City in the search box. Click on "search" and the next screen will allow you to choose the country if more than one city with that name exists. The next screen brings you a list of hotels in your destination city.

When you have chosen the hotel you like, click on the "check rates and availability" button and continue with your reservation.
To save time, first fill in your reservation dates in the booking form to get the list of hotels with vacancies on your dates.
Fill in the boxes for the number of rooms and the number of adults and children in the room.
The payment screen asks you to give your contact details and the credit card you wish to use.
When your reservation is complete, you will receive an instant online confirmation which you can print out including all your booking details and your hotel reservation number.

All the hotel rooms you will find available here have been pre-allocated for your selection and are available for your instant reservation. To begin your exciting new travel experience, click on the "City?" button and search for your hotel room at one of our selected worldwide hotels.

Choose from our selected Hotels, where you'll find what you need in city hotel accommodation at special internet rates. Just minutes to the historical sites, and all the attractions of these beautiful Cities , our selected hotel rooms will ensure that you fully enjoy the famous streets, the sights and sounds of your chosen destination.

When you enter your destination and booking dates in the search box and select from a huge variety of hotel rooms and rates, we will send you an instant online confirmation which you can print out including all your booking details and your hotel reservation number. You can use the search box to find available rooms and rates in over 10,000 cities. The hotel rooms and rates on offer are located in all countries and all cities worldwide.

At RoomsandRates.com we offer accommodation at special internet rates. Our low cost and efficient business model ensures that the rates you pay are the best on offer and are set by the hotels themselves competing for your business.

Take another step on the way to your new travel experience and search through our huge range of RoomsandRates.com offerings. You can find the one you want and complete your reservation in just a few minutes!

Our company is dedicated to your quick and easy online Hotel booking.

In 10,000 cities throughout the world, from A(Aabenbraa in Denmark)
to Z (Zwolle in USA), we bring you a selection of more than one million hotel rooms
for your reservation and instant online confirmation.
We have more than 20 years hands-on experience
managing reservations in the hospitality industry.

Your instant reservations at RoomandRates.com
are booked through contracts for pre-allocated discounted hotel rooms
with major international travel industry booking engines.
The room rates are set daily by the hotels themselves competing for your reservation.

If you have a suggestion to make our service better, please tell us.
We value your feedback and thank you for your support.

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The Irish Blessing for travellers

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand........